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67 Hector Sanderson Rd,
Great Barrier Island 0991

Phone: +64 (0)22 344 0645


Opening Season Rates (Up to 30% off)


  • $20/hr - for those who only want a short adventure.
  • $75/full day - this includes overnight (until 10am) - use your Motubike for night exploration or multi day adventures!


Rider pickup, bike and battery delivery: 


  • Claris/Medlands: Free
  • Blind Bay/Whangaparapara: $10
  • Tryphena: $15
  • Okiwi: $20
  • Port Fitzroy: $30


What is provided:


  • Moped helmet
  • First aid kit
  • Tiedowns for equipment/bags as required
  • Rain jacket/Trousers and Drybag - for rider comfort. This is for NZ summer after all!


What to bring:


  • Covered footwear
  • NZ full drivers license or international equivalent (as these are mopeds, a motorcycle license is not required)
  • A sense of adventure!




  • Aotea is remote, but isn’t Bali! NZ road rules apply
  • Only one person per bike (it is as romantic for your significant other to win sometimes as it is to share!)
  • Range - approximately 70km, up to 120km of easy driving on the flat.